Erlangen, the Huguenot town which is located in the heart of the Nuremberg Metropolitan Region, offers a lot to its visitors. Student flair, old traditions which are still lived, and an open-minded atmosphere are only some attributes which make Erlangen so liveable and loveable.

History – in a Nutshell!
1002   First reference of “Villa Erlangen” in official documents
1398   King Wenzel grants Erlangen its Auerbach town charter
1634   Devastation of the city by the Thirty Years War
1686   Arrival of the first Huguenot refugees, construction of the “Christian Erlang” baroque new town
1706   Great fire destroys almost the whole of the old town
1743   Foundation of Erlangen University
1755   Origin of the “Erlanger Bergkirchweih” fair
1945   Headquarter of the Siemens-Schuckert factory moves to Erlangen

Getting to Erlangen

By Air
The nearest airport to Erlangen is Nuremberg (NUE).
The U-Bahn (subway) takes you to the Nuremberg main train tstation in roughly 12 minutes, from where you can take a wide variety of inter-city (ICE and IC), regional (RE and RB) and commuter-trains (the S-Bahn) to Erlangen. The subway and regional trains are fully integrated within the VGN tariff union. There is also a direct bus (line 30) from the airport to downtown Erlangen every 20 minutes on weekdays (40 minutes on weekends). This option takes a bit under half an hour.

FlixBus operates a bus from Munich (MUC) to Erlangen 3 times a day. This journey takes 2h 35m.

Alternatively, Deutsche Bahn Intercity-Express operates a train from Frankfurt (FRA) to Erlangen hourly. The journey takes 2h 28m. Deutsche Bahn Intercity also services this route 3 times a day.

By Car or by Bus
Erlangen is conveniently located at two federal highways:
The A73 that runs Nuremberg – Erfurt
The A3 that runs Frankfurt – Passa
The A3 and the A9 Munich – Berlin intersect in southeast Nuremberg. Both highways feed in slightly further south to the A6 Stuttgart – Prague.

By Train
Erlangen‘s main train station is situated in the heart of the city and is linked to the regional and national railway networks. Due to the new high-speed rail line Berlin – Munich, Erlangen can be reached from Berlin in less than three hours

Public Transport Network
Erlangen and the surrounding area can easily be travelled by public transport. Tickets are available at the ticket machines, the customer office and on the internet.

To find out more about Erlangen, you can download the tour guide below: